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 Inlay Lake

Inlay Lake is located in the Eastern State of Myanmar, the Shan State. The Shan State has a very similar highlands scenery as that of the region in Tohoku and Hokkaido in Japan. Even in terms of food the similarity continues as you will find food similar to Natto and Tofu of Japan. In the areas around the lake, numbers of silk factories can be found.

Hopping on a rowing boat going through the Inlay Lake, feeling the wind brush against your face and the gentle wobble of the boat will surely set your mind free from whatever trifles and worries you have.

Taunggyi is the state capital of the Shan State, and the sister school of the Saundra National Weaving School is located in this city. Currently 1/3 of the YnP MYANMAR CLOTHES have been made at the Taunggyi School. The area offers a unique plant indigenous to Taunggyi that creates a color not found in Amarapura, marking its place as one of the important party to send out our orders.

Inlay Lake
During the Christmas season, the country's flower shops display potted Poinsettia of lively red and white, but in this city of Taunggyi, hedges of homes and roadside trees are almost all Poinsettias, allowing you to enjoy a sense of the beautiful Christmas season throughout the year.
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