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 Textiles patronized by the Burman Dynasty

Located near the center of Myanmar is the second largest city of the country, Mandalay, also known for its role as the last royal capital of the Burman Dynasty. In this city is a cloth woven with a distinctive design that was only worn by the Royal Family, and only they were allowed to take possession of this particular cloth. With the passing of time, this textile has come available to anyone who wishes to pay for it but will take approximately a month just to weave a 2 yard-long piece of cloth, due to its intricate design.

Mass Production of machine-woven, high quality clothes is nothing new to the Japanese people. Unfortunately, we have also gotten used to seeing clothes of uniform quality and to some extent, have a tendency to think inferior of handwoven textiles with uneven color and weave. It is important to note though, that we are now living in an era of environmental crisis - buying and disposing Mass-Produced clothes over and over will not help our Earth in any way, and we have come to a point where we need to reexamine our way of consumption.

Around 60 to 70% of Myanmar's entire population is Burmese, and the rest are composed of numerous minority races. Each race has its own distinctive culture and textiles, and we are able to discern where a person is from and what race he or she is just by looking at their clothing. Our goal is to introduce traditional Burmese products to Japan by incorporating designs that will adopt to the Japanese climate, environment and the people.
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