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Amarapura is located close to Mandalay, the ancient capital and the last royal capital of Myanmar. Half of YnP Myanmar Clothes are sent out from Saundra National Weaving School, which is in Amarapura. This city is inbetween the Ayeyarwady River (formerly the Irrawaddy River) and the Taungthaman Lake. At Thaung Tha Man Lake, you will find the famous U Bein's Bridge, a 1.2 km wooden footbridge made of teak wood.

Saundra National Weaving School was founded by the British man, Saundra, during Great Britain’s colonial rule over Myanmar. As a matter of fact, it was only recently when natural dye came back, because chemical dye was the common practice around the globe, and vegetation dye was declining. With the funding of JETRO, this activity was relaunched from scratch, growing plants and trees used for vegetation dye. Just a few years ago, harvesting was made possible once again and vegetation dye revived. Things were almost back on track when the United States of America launched an economic sanction against Myanmar in response to the country's actions against Aung San Su Kyi. Japan followed US's policy and the support to bring back Myanmar's traditional textile industry came to an abrupt stop.

Saundra's Weaving Institute

Nevertheless, the rest of the journey was supported by several Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Volunteers , fulfilling the plan. Products such as vegetation dye were very difficult to be put on the production line in the past, but as a result of everyone's endeavors, we are now making handspun, vegetation dye and 100% silk products in Thai, Laos and Cambodia, where the textile industry is prosperous.
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