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I had visited Burma several times in the past, but it was the one occasion I took a path off from the regular tourist course and witnessed a village in such poverty that I was shocked beyond words. What I saw that day has never gotten off my mind and ever since then, I have been searching for what I could do to help the Burman communities in need.

The traditional Myanmar cloth that was widely used among Burmese women drew my attention. By commercializing this cloth into a style that would be accepted in Japan, I believed I could make a change on a non-governmental level.
Through the help of the Embassy of Myanmar, I was able to get in touch with JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) and currently we have several of our products on display and sale at the "One Village One Product Market" in Tokyo Narita International Airport and Kansai International Airport, both operated by JETRO.
The name YnP derives from the initials of our two founders, Yumiko from Japan and Phyu from Myanmar

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