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 Plants and trees used for natural dye
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 Natural Dye  
Most of our products at YnP MYANMAR CLOTHES are using natural dyes. (A portion of our products uses chemical dye.)

Natural dye is a creation of nature's blessing, and apparently the resulting color of each product differs significantly depending on the time, place of the harvest and the temperature when dyeing. The bright blue color of the so-called "Indigo Blue" can only be found on products harvested during a specific period of time. However, the fact that each and every one of the piece differs subtly in color even when dyed during the same period, can be noted as the true charm of natural dye.

In order to carry on the tradition of natural dye, we must take good care of the nature in our surrounding environment and we pay a great deal of heed when extracting dye from the plants, so as not to let the plants die from the process.

Hand-spinning and natural dye has become very rare in Japan, not to mention the circulation or produce of hand woven products. Mother Nature is where we all get the blessings from, and preserving the nature in Myanmar will play a significant role in creating handwoven products.
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